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Why Should You Choose Authentic Exotic Decking?

When it comes to choosing a deck material...the things you want, everyone else wants, too: Durability, dependability, low-maintenance, and cost effective.

That's not asking too much, right? Well, there are a lot of plastic options out there that promise, those benefits and more. However, the only thing those decking options can truly guarantee is uncertainty. No two lots are alike and, if you search for "composite decking complaints" or "composite decking recalls", you will be flooded with pictures and reviews from actual owners who ended up with a deck that cost a lot of money, but was also an eyesore.

Why does this make authentic exotic wood decking the better alternative? Think about it, for centuries the people of civilizations the world over have been using hardwoods to create cities, boats, and of course homes. When it comes to decking, real solid hardwood is something that we still can't seem to improve on. So, with that in mind. What are the best decking options out there? We've chosen to sell four unique species of exotic decking:

We also offer Decking Tiles and Pressure Treated Framing.

Each offers you a distinctive look, with similar benefits. Each species has its own unique characteristics, but all share similar ratings in strength and safety. There really is no wrong choice. Just choose the style that fits your taste bests, install and enjoy. That's it.

To get started, use our exotic decking calculators to figure out how much lumber you need for your deck.

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Ipe Exotic Decking

Ipe Exotic Decking

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