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Acclimation should be the first step in any exotic decking project. It helps to prevent excessive movement in the deck after installation. Movement is caused mostly by moisture seeping into or out of the wood. For instance, coming from the humid jungles of South America, exotic decking will lose moisture in the more moderate climate of a North American home, causing it to shrink. If the wood was not allowed to acclimate, this will cause the decking to split.

Now that you know why acclimation is vital, here's how you do it:

  • Stack the lumber outdoors, keeping the stack elevated off the ground with space between each layer.
  • Leave the lumber open to the air (i.e. don't cover it with a tarp).
  • Let the lumber sit for several weeks until its moisture content has equalized with the surrounding environment.

If you have any questions about the acclimation process, feel free to ask.

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Ipe Exotic Decking

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